Custom Component Manufacturing

Wall Panels


 Prebuilt wooden wall panels, ready for your next project 

Roof Trusses


 Preassembled wooden roof, able to withstand nature's harshest conditions 

Floor Trusses


 Prefabricated wood floor trusses made using commercial-grade lumber 




 Nassian Modular is a full service component and modular manufacturing firm  Our team consists of craftsmen with over 15 years of construction experience .

Nassian Modular manufactures engineered wood floor and roof truss systems and framed wood wall panel systems for single family residential, multifamily, and commercial building projects.

We provide custom design and component manufacturing. We take your plans and value engineer them to convert to building system components.

We can:

  • Deliver custom components to your job site, including installation training;
  • Deliver and install components for you;
  • We can provide full general construction through our firm, Nassian Development & Construction.

Why Nassian Modular?

 Traditional Construction: 

  • Highly fragmented with many small companies working independently;
  • No incentive or resources for construction innovation;
  • On site construction schedules subject to weather and other site conditions (ie traffic, noise bylaws)
  • Limited use of current technologies and/or barriers to current technologies;
  • Long construction schedules leave companies vulnerable to material cost fluctuations;
  • Difficult to retain full-time employees and increased competition for for skilled workers.

Nassian Modular's Solution:

  • Vertically integrated for cost-saving efficiencies across the value chain, from innovation, architecture, engineering and design through to the carpenters, tradespeople and on site assembly crews;
  • Research and innovation center located in off site construction factory and integrated with production practices;
  • Controlled environment supports year-round off site construction, 12 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions;
  • Sequential management of on site construction activities, including subcontractor coordination and related delays;
  • Lean management of factory off site construction followed by on site assembly, including concurrent work at both the factory and the job site;
  • Constructed by thoroughly trained permanent employees;
  • Short construction and controlled storage facilitate smart material procurement practices.

Up to 40% less waste due to precision cutting and indoor material storage, plus reduced carbon emissions due to fewer transportation requirements.

Nassian Modular Green Building
We are well versed from the development, finance and construction perspectives in integrating green building techniques and standards. We can construct to Energy Star, LEED, Sustainable Cities, NAHB and any other green standard. We can integrate these needs and value engineer cost savings to meet these standards as they pertain to the components we manufacture for your project. 

Full Modular - Volumetric Construction Coming Soon!